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A smart home is a home that is equipped with interlinked devices, allowing you to have control over their functions. This gives you the ability to automate and optimise items such as lighting, heating, windows & doors as well as many others.

These devices can be controlled using your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world, or manually using existing switches. Here at DR Automation, we can also incorporate voice controlled AI assistants, such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home, to allow you to control your home using just your voice.

We offer wireless solutions, as they are by far the most cost effective option. Wireless systems are also easy to retrofit and cause no disruption within the home. Tiny modules are installed behind your existing sockets, switches, lights and fittings. This also means you can keep expanding on your system as your lifestyle changes, and if you move home your system can move with you.

We are an approved Nest Pro installer, and stock and install various brands which use z-wave technology. There are currently 375 companies producing more than 1500 Z-wave products which are all interoperable with each other, ranging from lighting dimmers to motion detectors.

Have a look at our Inspiration page to see what's on offer or get in touch to find out what we can do for your home.