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Our systems include a range of sensors and modules which can be configured in a variety of ways. See below for some examples of their application.

Floods and Water Leaks

If you've ever had a leak in your home, you know what a nightmare it can be, but with the Fibaro Flood Sensor, you can detect such an event before it turns into anything major. The wireless flood sensor measures moisture and temperature and can raise the alarm in the event of any leaks being detected. It can also simultaneously isolate the water supply and turn off any electrical equipment.

Fire and Smoke

To detect both flaming and smouldering fires within your home, the Fibaro Smoke Sensor is equipped with a photoelectric sensor and temperature sensors, as well as two types of alarms: siren and an RGB visual indicator. Your intelligent home can also decide what action to take in case of a fire; the windows can close to starve the fire of oxygen,raise blinds to reduce the risk of them catching fire and lights can be turned on to illuminate escape routes.

Our systems can also be used to reduce the risk of a fire taking place. Say you think you left the iron on, you can log in remotely and see if it's on. You could also create a scene so that if the iron is on, and there is no motion in the room for 5 minutes, it will turn off automatically.

Detection of Visitors

You're at work and the postman arrives with a parcel, once he rings the doorbell the CCTV takes a picture and sends it to your phone. You can then open the electric side gate remotely so that the postman can leave the parcel safely under cover.

Looking out for Loved Ones

You may have elderly relatives who live away from you. A system can be installed which could non-intrusively monitor their home. For example, motion sensors could be installed to let you know they're up and about. The fridge could be installed with a door/window sensor, letting you know if they've been in the fridge. The heating could be set so that the temperature does not drop below a set figure. External CCTV could also be installed to let you know if they've been out of the house or if they've had any visitors.

Maybe you have a teenager that's now old enough to go out clubbing at the weekends. You could install a door/window sensor on the front door to alert you when they arrive back home. The oven could also be turned off automatically if it's left on for more than 45 minutes during certain times at night, to ensure they don't burn their pizza to a crisp.