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With a solution from DR Automation, we can tailor the system to suit your home and needs, with endless possibilities. Have a look at some examples below to get you thinking...

Arriving Home

Your smartphone GPS signals the system, letting it know you're on your way home. As you approach, the driveway lights come on, the automatic gates open and the outdoor lights turn up to full brightness. Inside, the heating has increased from the setback position, the kettle is boiling, the lights are on and your favourite playlist is playing through your Sonos sound system. Allowing you to sit down and relax with a nice cup of tea.

Sunrise and Sunset

As darkness approaches, your house needs to adapt. The blinds need to close, the outside lights need to come on and different rooms need to be heated as the family move around. All of this can be automated to harmonise with your life.

Cinema Mode

You want to watch a movie, all you need to do is select Cinema Mode and all at once, the blinds close, the lights are dimmed and the TV turned on. You could even set the RGB lights to flash when the doorbell rings.