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Hello, and welcome to DR Automation.

We are an Aberdeen based, family run company, created by father and daughter, David and Emma Rhodes.

Whilst looking for the perfect automation solution for our family home, we trialled several products and when we came across Fibaro Home Intelligence, we were immediately impressed. The ease of use and intuition it offered was unparalleled. Still every day, we are amazed at the benefits of having a smart home; not only the convenience and peace of mind it brings but the luxury and fun you can have - all whilst being a lot more affordable than you would think! We thought this special discovery was something that needed to be shared, and that's where DR Automation comes in.

We will approach you and your home the same way we approached our own. We will listen to your needs and specifically design a system to suit your lifestyle, tweaking along the way to create something truly unique for your home. With an easy installation process that's completely retrofittable and continuous support, we hope you will be as delighted and impressed as we were.